Ephemeral Gardens. “The Word and Languages” from 3 to 11 July, in Viseu

    The IX edition of the Ephemeral Gardens will take place in Viseu, between the 3rd and 11th of July, under the theme “The Word and the Languages” and a multidisciplinary program created for diverse audiences.

    Altogether, there are eight categories for this year’s program: visual arts, architecture, sound, cinema, polis, workshops, markets and theater, and dance.

    In the area of ​​visual arts, unavoidable national names such as João Louro, João Pais Filipe and Marco Franco and Joana Pestana will pass through Viseu, among many others.

    The program includes the participation of 18 exhibition projects, in different locations, languages ​​and formats: individual exhibitions and installations, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, typography, among other formats. The exhibitions will take place at the Venha a Nós a Boa Morte Gallery, in the pop-up galleries on Rua Cândido dos Reis, in the Aquilino Ribeiro Park, in the Cloisters of the Sé de Viseu, and even on the festival’s website.

    For this edition, two calls were produced with the objective of selecting twelve emerging artists for the visual arts. From the Call for Visual Artists, Frédéric Touchard, Os Espacialistas, Luísa Tudela, Mariana Tudela & Pedro Fernandes, Tiago Lopes and Joana Monteiro were chosen. From the so-called Estado De Emergência #1, artists Liliana Velho, Frédéric Develay, Ana Margarida, Patrícia Vieira Campos, Vanessa Marieiro and Filipa Ventura were selected.

    The 2021 edition of Ephemeral Gardens will also feature 24 projects in the sound area, which include four hybrid shows and two artistic residencies. Bill Fontana and Pedro Rebelo will be in residence, at Teatro Viriato, to co-create a sound art installation, to be installed in the cloisters of the Cathedral of Viseu. And the Spanish Suso Saiz and the Portuguese André Gonçalves will do an artistic residency, also at Teatro Viriato, to create a sound composition that they will show on the Youkali stage.

    Lyra Pramuk, HeatherLeigh, Bendik Giske, Deena Abdelwahed, from the USA, UK, Norway and Turkey, are international presences who will perform solo, for concerts, for the first time in Portugal. The sound projects will take place on Palco Youkali, lake of Aquilino Ribeiro park, Palco Nenhures, fountain of Aquilino Ribeiro park and Teatro Viriato.

    Teatro Viriato will also stage hybrid shows, such as Territoire Éphémères, by electronic music composer Dasha Rush, in collaboration with dancer Valentin Tszin and digital artist Alex Guevara. The four presentations will culminate with the hybrid play “NKISI”, by the LOA collective, which brings together musicians, performers, visual artists, researchers and ancestral spirits, under the direction of Gil Mac.

    Image of the show Territoire Éphèmeres

    Of the 71 applications received in the call for emerging sound artists, five projects were selected: Odete, Ece Canli, Bleid, Candian Rifles and Mad Nomad. Nuno Veiga, Magnetic Ribbons, Galadrop, Marco Franco are other presences of Portuguese artists who will present themselves, in Viseu, with new works

    Under the theme “A Palavra e as Linguagens”, the IX edition of Jardins Efémeros ends with a concert by Rui Reininho, accompanied by instrumentalists, with whom he will present the album 20,000 Éguas Submarinas.

    In the area of ​​cinema, and under the theme of this ninth edition, the researcher Isabel Nogueira programmed four outdoor sessions, which propose “a journey through various universes of language and word, in a broad sense, such as dance, music , memory, image, experimentalism, or even the very impossibility of communication.”

    Another highlight is “Empatias”, a landscape architecture and urban art project, created by Alexandre Farto (VHILLS), Cristina Robalo, founder and managing partner of Ideia Verde, and Sandra Oliveira, artistic director of Jardins Efémeros. All involved worked pro buono to create a proposal for the rehabilitation of the garden and forest of the Abraveses Psychiatric Hospital, in Viseu, to be a candidate for the Participatory Budget of the Municipality of Viseu.

    The Indo Eu Market – promoted by the Parish Council of Viseu, and where people can exchange and sell used items in good condition, antiques and vintage products, or own production – and the Sound and Letters Market x Grão a Grão will take place also from the 3rd to the 11th of July. In a shared experience, the vegetarian restaurant Grão a Grão and the record store and art publications Matéria Prima will create a space dedicated to the physical and mental well-being of visitors, during the Ephemeral Gardens.

    Organized by Pausa Possível – Cultural and Development Association, the Ephemeral Gardens are financed by the municipality of Viseu and the General Directorate of Arts, with sponsorship in genres from other entities.

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