IAMDDB LAV – Lisbon Live, Lisbon. Saturday, 20 Nov 2021

    Diana de Brito known by her stage name IAMDDB, is a British rapper and singer with Portuguese roots.

    “Crazy to think that the time has come when my first debut album is about to go down! What a turbulent journey it has been. The death of the old man, the realization of illusions, the pain of detachment, the growing pains of non-resistance to what is, of the improper, of liberation, but above all GROWTH and internal BRIGHTNESS! Ah, I cannot thank my Maker enough, through the valley of darkness I was never alone. Even with my eyes blindfolded, I was able to walk in the light through the spirit.

    Every person, angel, energy force that has helped me grow, no matter how big or small – I appreciate it. Without you I wouldn’t have been able to transcend through so much pain with such grace. Mama and Dad, I do this for you. I do this to honor my ancestors, I do this to honor anyone and everyone I can inspire. Stay in your truth, claim your power and understand that you are here for a much greater reason than you are. I intend to give you an experience that will open you up to ascension, inner power and confidence. Hope you love this album as much as I do. It was made in some of the darkest moments, of true pain and mourning… But other moments of true happiness, peace and light. Accept, transcend, forgive, open, heal…

    May we meet again on tour… XO”

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