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    Those who did not give up on EDP Vilar de Mouros , first in 2020 and then in 2021, and saved their tickets for their return in 2022 will be the first to celebrate the confirmation of the formidable lineup that is known today and which brings together PLACEBO, LIMP BIZKIT, IGGY POP, BAUHAUS, SUEDE, WOLFMOTHER, HOOBASTANK, GARY NUMAN, THE LEGENDARY TIGERMAN, BATTLES and TARA PERDIDA, among many others, on the 25th, 26th and 27th of August 2022 , in the usual venue of the mythical festival that celebrates, this Saturday, August 28, 2021, the 50th anniversary of its founding edition.

    Tickets are now on sale for everyone who wants to join this great party, in the company of some of the greatest artists and bands of all time, in a parade of true living legends of music. General passes and day tickets for EDP Vilar de Mouros 2022 are available for €80 and €40 respectively and can be purchased at the usual places. More information at

    The concert by Placebo , the band by Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal, at EDP Vilar de Mouros 2022 marks the return to original albums and Portuguese stages to celebrate 20 years of career. Definers of music history, Placebo appear without apologizing, bypassing Britpop and shaping rock in their androgynous ways. They burst into the charts around the world, selling more than 12 million albums and shaking radio playlists with hits like “Nancy Boy”, “Every You Every Me”, “Without You I’m Nothing” – with the collaboration by David Bowie, clear inspiration from Molko – “Taste in Men”, the controversial “Special K” or the explosive “The Bitter End”.

    These are some of the many knits that fill an immaculate career. The Portuguese public, militant since the first second of the seduction, dominance, pain and pleasure that Placebo pours out in their music, is well aware of the memorable concerts from north to south of the country, where the condition of “full house” was always fulfilled with ardent religiosity. The performance at the oldest festival in the Iberian Peninsula is, therefore, one of the most awaited moments of this edition, spiced up by the promise of a new studio album – the second in the last ten years and the eighth of originals of the career – that already makes the audience salivate. fans and will certainly see the light of day before Placebo takes the stage at EDP Vilar de Mouros, in 2022.

    In the case of the band led by the unavoidable Fred Durst, the concert at EDP Vilar de Mouros 2021 marks the return of Limp Bizkit to Minho, where they debuted live in our country 20 years ago. Portugal was never indifferent to this phenomenon that marked the last decade of the last millennium and surrendered completely to the success and virulence of Limp Bizkit ‘s lyrics, riffs and scratches . In fact, it was in our country – more precisely in the Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras reservoir, in Lisbon – that in 2001 the North Americans shot one of their most famous video clips, the one on the theme Boiler .

    The growing fan following and sales success of works such as Significant Other (1999), which brought nu-metal anthems such as Nookie, Break Stuff or Re-Arranged to the world , and Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water (2000) ), catapulted Limp Bizkit from the nu-metal movement into the global mainstream, becoming one of the biggest bands in the world. The concert at EDP Vilar de Mouros 2021 is the first in a decade on Portuguese soil, reason enough to leave expectations high.

    And speaking of rock icons, who better than Iggy Pop to celebrate the return of the oldest festival on the Iberian Peninsula, two years after a forced stop caused by a pandemic? One of the most elastic, inventive and sweeping musicians in the history of punk, rock and contemporary pop and a true stage animal, despite his more than 70 years of age, Iggy Pop is expected to shake the audience at EDP Vilar de Mouros 2022 More than a concert, a journey from the days of The Stooges, who enthroned him as the “godfather of punk” to hitchhiking songs like I Wanna Be Your Dog or 1969, through the iconic collaboration with David Bowie in the then thriving West Berlin of the 70s and which gave rise to two cult albums –Lust For Life and The Idiot , both released in 1977 – to the Post Pop Depression (2016) that would mark Iggy’s return to solo work, backed by another rock lord, Josh Home (Queens of The Stone Age).

    When in 2019 the Bauhaus , the band of Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins, announced that they would be playing live again, after 13 years of separation, the waters churned in such a way that the torrent arrived in force. to Portugal. To EDP Vilar de Mouros, the British band comes to show why it is one of the most solid symbols of that dark post-punk rock, decadent and simultaneously romantic, which makes minimalism, chords and irregular fingerings of guitars and dreamlike synthesizers your indelible fingerprint.

    So disruptive was the sound of the Bauhaus when they appeared in 1979 with the immortal gothic rock anthem Bela Lugosi’s Dead , and so profound is their imprint that the shrapnel caused by this musical epiphany, inspired by the German artistic current of the early 20th century, was so profoundly disruptive. XX they borrowed their name, feel so eclectic in artists from Marilyn Manson to Moby, from Nine Inch Nails to the acclaimed American DJ Carl Craig, from The Cult to Ariel Pink. No less than general catharsis is expected at the EDP Vilar de Mouros concert to the sound of classics such as Bela Lugosi’s Dead , God in an Alcove , Kick in the Eye or She’s In Parties .

    Equal omen for the performances of  Wolfmother and  The Legendary Tigerman . If  Andrew Stockdale ‘s band , which was an incorporation and reinvention of classic hard rock from the 70’s, we recognize the genius in knitwear like  Woman,  winner of a Grammy in 2007,  Joker and the Thief  or  Love Train , Paulo Furtado has no shortage of adjectives to qualify the love relationship that this rock traveler has sealed with the Portuguese public for decades, riding on prodigious works such as  Naked Blues  (2002),  Masquerade  (2006),  Femina  (2009),  True  (2014) or the latest  Misfit(2018).

    Hoobastank also celebrate 20 years of career at EDP Vilar de Mouros 2022. In their luggage they bring Push Pull (2018), the surprising sixth work of originals and the first since 2012, year of Fight or Fight . In the words of vocalist Doug Robb, co-founder of the band with then-college mates Dan Estrin and Chris Hesse, Push Pull is the album where Hoobastanks gave it their all, “take it or leave it”. The result is a set of eleven themes inspired by alternative rock and danceable pop by Duran Duran, INXS or U2 from the 80’s and 90’s ., the band of Ian Williams and John Stanier, pushes the boundaries of traditional rock to create music that is as engaging as it is inventive and technically well-executed in a combination of post-rock, prog, electronic, post-punk and more, always on the go. seeking to destroy any vestige of orthodoxy.

    One of the founders of synth-pop, Gary Numan influenced countless artists with his dystopian electronic rock, in permanent evolution since the late 1970s. He arrives at EDP Vilar de Mouros 2022 with the new album Intruder released this year 2021, in which he looks at the effects of human destruction and climate change, from the perspective of planet Earth itself.

    In good Portuguese and without any fuss, Tara Perdida perform again in a venue where they were once very happy. Anyone who still remembers the concert given in 1996, at the then Blitz stage, will certainly not want to miss the opportunity to see one of the greatest symbols of national punk-rock in the 2021 edition of EDP Vilar de Mouros. There will be no shortage of themes such as ZombieAté m’embebedar , Pala-Pala French Fries, Lisbon or the more melodic Nasci Hoje, torn meshes that continue to provoke hurricanes in the audiences. The concert takes on even more emblematic contours as it marks the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Tara Perdida’s career. The line-up will reflect that and will not forget João Ribas, historic vocalist who died in 2014 from a respiratory infection.

    With scrolls recognized across borders, EDP Vilar de Mouros is an iconic festival that combines essence and tradition with a constant search for new sounds. Alongside music, the values ​​of inclusion and an environmental and socially active conscience are once again at the heart of EDP Vilar de Mouros, which will reinforce the work with the community with the involvement of local institutions with differentiating content and the development of innovative projects to reduce the festival’s impact on the environment. Once again, EDP will be the official partner of the festival, reinforcing the collaboration that has been strengthened in recent editions and which results from the brand’s strategy of investing in music and culture to promote the sustainable development of society and regions.

    The ingredients are all aligned to, in 2022, continue the sustainable growth that has been consolidated since 2016 and that reached greater expressiveness in 2019, in an edition that was marked by the debut of a second stage – the MEO stage -, by the increase in areas of leisure and restaurants and the massive response from the public, who sold out the general passes and the day of performances by Offspring and Skunk Anansie. This is Vilar de Mouros!

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