Viseu Dão Lafões

    With a landscape dominated by the mountainous grandeur of the mountains, the region of Viseu Dão Lafões is the destination of choice for those looking to combine outdoor fun with a feeling of total well-being. Let yourself be taken by green hills and valleys to discover secret streams and discover the rural charm of the villages that punctuate the landscape.

    The lively city of Viseu welcomes you with its unique historical and cultural heritage. Come and discover the region that inspired Viriato to defend the Lusitania of the Romans and let yourself be enchanted by its rustic charm.

    The Lusitanian Heart
    A city of undeniable importance for the History of Portugal, Viseu is closely linked to the most celebrated chief of the Lusitanos, Viriato. Despite not knowing his birthplace for sure, it is known that it was somewhere in this region that this warrior was born and fought. In honor of him, Cava de Viriato erects a statue on top of an old fortress. The surrounding area, recently restored, hosts a weekly fair and is the perfect place for a pleasant walk.

    Viseu was also the birthplace of Vasco Fernandes, one of the main artists of the Portuguese Renaissance. The museum in his honor is mandatory for anyone who intends to honor a true master who remains in the memory of Portuguese art.

    Nowadays, Viseu continues to inspire the greatest creative minds in the country.

    A lively walk through the city reveals the best of national urban art with inspiring works by artists such as AKA Corleone, Lord Mantraste and Mariana, the miserable.

    Where Nature Takes Care of You
    Here, where the dense pine forests and dizzying hills reign over the landscape, it is nature that takes care of itself. Lose yourself on the trails in the mountains of Serra do Caramulo, enjoy the therapeutic properties of the waters in the region’s thermal springs, or perfect your technique in the stunning Montebelo Golf course. There is no destination that combines the indescribable beauty of the mountain with the feeling of total well-being like the region of Viseu and Dão Lafões.

    And when nature whets your appetite, sit at the table to enjoy a rich, diverse and truly unique gastronomy in Portugal.

    In the warmer months, immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of the rivers that pass through here. The various river beaches in the region are perfect for a day well spent in the tranquility of nature. The Mangualde Artificial Beach promises fun for the whole family with designated areas for eating, playing and practicing water sports. If you are in the city, Parque Aquilino Ribeiro is the perfect refuge from the heat with its inviting green shadows and a cultural agenda that is always full!

    Carnival traditions
    In the village of Cabanas de Viriato, at the time of Carnival, there is a secular tradition. Spontaneously lived, the well-known carnival of the Viseu region. Dão / Lafões is one of the best tourist posters in the region. It is an opportunity for a lot of fun and a few well deserved days of rest.

    (Your) Story Starts Here
    The history of this region is simply inseparable from the History of Portugal. It was here that some of the most important figures of our Past were born and lived.

    To discover the Viseu Dão Lafões region is to go through an itinerary of experiences, full of customs and experiences. The invitation is made: come to know the paths of national memory and continue your story here.

    @ Centro de Portugal

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