Fernando Pimenta again World Champion!

    It’s already a classic! Last Thursday, September 29, Fernando Pimenta won the K1 short race world title, a marathon specialty. The canoeist once again showed his quality and, as a team, took the Portuguese vessel to another conquest. He who the day before had reached 5th place in K1.

    But it didn’t stop there, Fernando Pimenta was once again world champion, this time, in the K2 marathon, after having won, forming a team with José Ramalho, this Sunday, October 2, in Ponte de Lima, the 29.80 kilometers in 1:58.04.39.

    Feranando Pimenta e José Ramalho – K2
    Feranando Pimenta e José Ramalho – K2

    Fernando Pimenta and José Ramalho, in their first international competition in K2 as a team, completed the 29.80 kilometer race in 1:58:04.39, beating the Spanish duo formed by Miguel Llorens and Alberto Plaza, who was a little more of six seconds (1:58.10.40). In third and last place on the podium were the Norwegians Eivind Vold and Amund Vold (1:58,15,43).5,43).

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