Viana do Castelo

    Viana do Castelo is the northernmost Atlantic city in Portugal, located about 25 minutes from Porto international airport.

    Served by functional highways and a seaport, it is easy and convenient to reach the city, where visitors can enjoy a remarkable quality of life, either through the tranquility and security of its urban living, or through the richness of its heritage natural, monumental and historic, or for the existence of excellent cultural, sporting and social facilities.

    The presence of the river, the mountains and the sea give the city excellent landscaping gifts that delight the senses, provide a psychological atmosphere of decompression and are conducive to a healthy and pleasant occupation of leisure time.

    An urban transport network, which includes small electric buses circulating in the streets of the medieval town, discourages the use of individual cars and favors environmental quality. The Ring Road skirting the oldest part of the city and the distribution of several underground car parks along this road, allow to relieve the medieval area of ​​surface car parking, moving them away from the prime area of ​​the city and facilitating, as a result, pedestrian mobility.

    The city also has a good hotel capacity, which is growing rapidly, either to receive tourists, or to receive congresses, seminars and other tourism, business or study meetings, conditions that are supported by the existence of modern and functional auditoriums. to carry out these meetings.

    A set of modernized cultural spaces – theaters, cinemas, library, museums – provides conditions for cultural enrichment to residents and visitors, while the presence of the river and the sea offers special conditions to welcome pleasure sailboats and to practice all kinds of water sports.

    The unparalleled wealth of Viana ethnography, which makes the city the capital of Portuguese folklore, the originality and functionality of its handcraft, with special emphasis on crockery and embroidery, the assiduous and qualified cultural entertainment, are other attributes that make Viana do Castelo is an extremely attractive city for all aspects of tourism.

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