Alcácer Jazz 2021

    AUGUST 6 – 15


    With the participation of Mário Laginha, Carlos Martins, Marta Hugon, Beatriz Nunes, Maria João, Salvador Sobral, among many others.

    Alcácer do Jazz is a new Festival born in Alcácer do Sal, produced by the Associação Sons da Lusofonia (ASL), with artistic direction by Carlos Martins and promoted by the Municipality of Alcácer do Sal (CMAS).

    Its inspiration is based on the various cultures that crossed and intersect in Alcacer, recognizing the richness of its diversity, investing in the celebration of common heritage, showing what is done today without avoiding the living confrontation of different languages ​​that also reflect different identities collectives.

    In this context, Associação Sons da Lusofonia, in close collaboration with the Municipality of Alcácer do Sal and applying the experience of 19 years of organization, curatorship and production of the Festa do Jazz, developed the concept of this event, which takes place, for the first time, in 6th to 15th August in Alcácer do Sal and Comporta.

    The Alcácer do Jazz event was designed to build informal forums for debate, taste and experiences, creating a feeling of belonging to an increasingly broad and inclusive community, as is practiced in ASL productions. Therefore, it is also worth noting that the central program of concerts and meetings has 50% women as leaders. ASL thus consolidates its position on the issue of gender equality and opportunities by moving from words to action, something essential to create a more inclusive Portugal in the jazz world as well.

    All events included in the Alcácer do Jazz program are free of charge, subject to the capacity of the venues without the need for prior reservation.


    August 6th | 21:00 – Rio Sado Stage
    Mario Laginha Trio

    August 7th | 21:00 – Rio Sado Stage
    Carlos Martins Quintet, Always

    August 8th | 21:00 – Aldeia da Comporta Stage
    Marta Hugon

    August 10th | 19:00 – Balcony of the Municipal Library of Alcácer do Sal
    Mediterranean Music and Culture Meeting

    August 11th | 19:00 – Balcony of the Municipal Library of Alcácer do Sal
    Math and Jazz Meeting

    August 12th | 21:00 – Rio Sado Stage
    Beatriz Nunes Quintet

    August 13th | 21:00 – Rio Sado Stage
    Maria João, Ogre Electric

    August 14th | 21:00 – Rio Sado Stage
    Salvador Sobral, BPM

    August 15th | 20:00 – Rio Sado Stage
    Barradas-Tuscan-Pereira Trio

    August 15th | 9.30 pm – Rio Sado Stage
    Jazz at the Philharmonics with “Calceteira”, “Pazoa” and José Soares Trio

    Rio Sado Stage – Pedro Nunes Square (next to the City Hall), Alcácer do Sal
    Aldeia da Comporta Stage – Rua das Amoreiras, Comporta

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