Patrícia Mamona Silver in a historic final

    How exciting!

    Patricia Mamona had warned in qualifying that she felt capable of beating her national record (which was 14.66). And not only did she do it—on three occasions! – how she got a silver medal with a gold flavor (especially because the winner comes from another ‘planet’, one Yulimar Rojas, who pulverized the world record).

    The contest was brushing perfection for the Sporting athlete. She started right away with a super new national record (14.91) and from then on gained the confidence to go after more. Ana Peleteiro still scared, as did the threat of the Jamaican Shanieka Rickets, but there was more to the Portuguese jumper’s sleeve, always in an active response mode and never convinced of what she was doing.

    On the third jump, after having made 12.30 in the second, she made a null, before ending up with a golden key. In the fourth, she touched the sky, overcoming the historic 15-meter barrier (15.01). A moment that many dream of, but few manage. In Europe only 17 achieved it. One of them is Portuguese and is called Patricia Mamona. At fifth, in a clearly less good leap, she managed (imagine yourself!) to do the same as her previous initial record (14.66). The silver medal was right there.

    The last attempt arrived and the account was going down as the opponents jumped. When Rickets tried and didn’t improve, at least the bronze was done. When Ana Peleteiro risked everything and beat Spain’s record, she feared that the silver could run away, but the Spanish woman stayed at 14.87.

    The silver was safe! Then, totally without pressure, Patricia went in search of more. She took a chance, made a big jump and played close to 15 meters. She stayed at 14.97 and for a second regretted not having broken the 15 meters again. Until she burst into joy, like all Portuguese people.

    After that, yet another historic moment, with that ‘extraterrestrial’ we just talked about breaking the world record, with an unbelievable 15.67. The Venezuelan is from another world, but thankfully our Patricia is the best in this one.

    Thanks, Patricia!

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