5 hottest beaches in Algarve for refreshing baths

    Tired of rough seas and icy waters? The solution is to visit the hottest beaches in the Algarve, which are in the lee, and make your choice.

    If there is one thing that is not lacking in the Algarve, it is sun and beach. However, just as each beach has its specific characteristics, the sea also behaves differently from beach to beach. So, if you are looking for the warmest beaches in the Algarve, we can give you a hand.

    The truth is that despite the wild beauty of the beaches of the West region or the medicinal properties of the wild beaches of the North, they do not miss a visit. but few people like to put a foot in the sea and feel their whole body freeze. Nothing like a good swim in warm waters.

    In the case of the Algarve, it is in the eastern region, also known as Sotavento, that you will find the beaches with the most inviting water, that is, the warmest. So, find out with us which are the hottest beaches in the Algarve and, who knows, it’s from here that you decide where you go on holiday.

    Ancão Beach, Loulé
    The municipality of Loulé has a very diversified tourist offer: Moorish streets, its sweet honey, the delicious medronho brandy, the tasty almond and fig cakes and, of course, the fishing activities of the region. Here, you will also find some of the most luxurious accommodations in the Algarve, such as Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago.

    Praia do Ancão is located in the Ria Formosa Natural Park and is characterized by a long sandy beach and vast dune fields, full of aromatic plants. It has ample parking space, beach support services and surveillance during the bathing season.

    There is tarmac road access from Almancil, towards Garrão/Ancão, for 7 kilometers. Through the tourist complex, a 1.5 km long unpaved route begins.

    Barreta, Faro
    The municipality of Faro encompasses the Ancão peninsula and the islands of Barreta (Deserta) and Culatra. The Ria Formosa Natural Park is also present here, symbol of a remarkable ecological biodiversity.

    The beaches of Ilha Deserta are some of the most beautiful in the Algarve and have very inviting temperature waters. There is support and surveillance equipment during the bathing season. Travel by boat from Faro (Porta Nova Pier, has ample parking next to the pier).
    Barreta is one of the hottest beaches in the Algarve

    Fuseta Beach, Olhão
    The municipality of Olhão has five beaches, located in the middle of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Praia da Fuseta Beach is located on the west side of the island of Armona, opposite the village of Fuseta. Its sand is extensive and desert, and benefits from the formation of natural pools at low tide. There are beach support services and surveillance during the bathing season.

    Access to this hottest beach in the Algarve is by boat from Cais da Fuseta, with ample parking next to the departure pier.

    Cabanas, Tavira
    The coast of the municipality of Tavira is sandy, with fine sand and warm water. In its eastern part, is the Ilha de Cabanas, located in a narrow strip of sand that extends to the bar of Cacela. Its beach is located exactly in front of the village of Cabanas, with support services and surveillance during the bathing season. This is a region of good gastronomy, where you can (and should) enjoy delicacies such as oysters, clams, octopus or grilled fish.

    Access by boat from the pier on the Cabanas waterfront. Don’t worry about the car as there is plenty of parking.

    Cacela Velha, Vila Real de Santo António
    This municipality extends along the coastline, between Tavira and Castro Marim until the mouth of the River Guadiana. Its beaches have calm and warm waters, so they attract many tourists during the bathing season. Praia de Cacela Velha Beach is located at the eastern end of Ilha de Cabanas, near Cacela Bar. In 2015, it was considered one of the 15 best beaches in the world, by the Spanish version of “Traveler” magazine. The only less positive aspect is not having beach support, nor surveillance during the bathing season. Go by boat from the wharf at Sítio da Fábrica, about 1.5 kilometers from Cacela Velha. You can park next to the departure point.

    As you can see, the choice is varied. They are the hottest beaches in the Algarve, but it is certainly not just the water temperature that will make you decide for one or the other. each of these beaches has its own surroundings, some charms that go far beyond the tourist agglomerations. Therefore, discovering these beaches can be the first step towards discovering a different Algarve.

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