Miguel Oliveira wins second place at the German Grand Prix

    This is the falcon’s third podium in this championship.

    Miguel Oliveira took second place in the Moto GP German Grand Prix this Sunday.

    The Portuguese driver started from sixth place and throughout the race, he was always “biting the heels” of Spaniard Marc Márquez, being 1,610 seconds ahead of Miguel Oliveira.

    Even with a fierce dispute, Marc Márquez won the race, thus maintaining his dominance of this track. The Spaniard has won 11 consecutive times: eight in MotoGP, two in Moto2 and the rest in 125cc in 2010.

    In third place was the current leader of MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo. The French Yamaha rider remains at the top of the isolated MotoGP World Championship lead.

    Miguel Oliveira, the ‘falcão’, won the third podium of the season and remains in seventh place, while Marc Marquéz climbed eight places and is now in tenth place.

    @ Nascer do Sol

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