The Most Beautiful natural waterfalls in Gerês

    Gerês is a gift from Nature, where each corner has a charm that leaves us fascinated. Whether of plant or animal origin, Gerês has everything that can be likened to a paradise, where everything is perfect and with vivid colors that stay in our memory when we return home.


    Gerês: how to get to the Cascata do Rio Homem?
    Departing from the center of Caldas do Gerês, head towards the Caniçada Dam. A few meters ahead you will find a junction on the left with the indication “Ermida”. Go in that direction, and you will follow a tight road but with beautiful scenery.

    A few kilometers further on, you will start to see some streams of water, which belong to the Arado River. Then, on the same road, you will find, on your right side, the Cascatas do Rio Homem, in Portela do Homem. It is recommended to visit during the summer, to cool off in the beautiful and clear waters of the waterfall.

    Cascata Tahiti / Fecha de Barjas

    Would you like to know how to find the Cascata Tahiti in Gerês? Or know the location of the Tahiti Waterfall? Here are the GPS coordinates:

    GPS Coordinates Cascade Tahiti (Gerês)

    Latitude: 41º42’13.94 N
    Length: 8º06’36.71 W

    Cascata Leonte

    Cascata de Leonte is a waterfall located near Caldas do Gerês, a parish of Vilar da Veiga, belonging to the municipality of Terras de Bouro and respectively to the district of Braga.

    This formidable waterfall is located +/- 2 kilometers from the Portela do Homem site, whose waters come from the still incipient Homem river, which belongs to the beautiful Peneda-Gerês National Park.

    The Cascata de Leonte is formed by water from the top of a cliff of granitic rock, of very old rock origin. After the fall, the waters form a peaceful lagoon that is often used in the summer.

    To go to the Cascata de Leonte, it will be necessary to reach the Portela do Homem site, as the path from here is properly signposted.

    Cascata da Laja

    The Cascata da Laja takes its name from the small stream that feeds it, rushing behind a picturesque wooden bridge and surrounded by a lush forest of hardwoods, mostly oaks that transform into an enchanted forest.

    The shortest route to the waterfall is to take the inverse path of PR10 – Preguiça Trail, at a distance of approximately 1 km

    Cascata do Arado

    Cascata do Arado is located on the outskirts of the Ermida, down the Arado River, a tributary of the Cávado, in a succession of lakes that form in front of successive waterfalls, which end in a cascade of indescribable beauty. It has a viewpoint right in front, surrounded by leafy and mossy trees, ideal for bright photos.

    You can have a snack in a nearby birch grove, with rustic stone tables.

    7 Lagoas (Gerês) em Cabril (Montalegre)

    Be enchanted by the 7 Lagoas do Gerês, near Cabril (Montalegre).

    Latitude: 41°45’28.72″N Longitude: 8° 1’30.27″W (Coordinates of the end of the road from Xertelo)

    For sure there are a lot more waterfalls in Gerés that you can find, and share. Its a place with so much to discover that you will be amazed.

    @ Maravilhas do Gerés

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