The world’s exploration elite will be in Portugal, in July

    GLEX – Global Exploration Summit

    As part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Fernão de Magalhães’ circumnavigation voyage, the Glex Summit will once again bring together, in Portugal, this July, the world’s exploration elite under the theme explore and learn. 

    Lisbon and São Miguel will be the stages for the second edition of this great conference on exploration and science, which will take place between 6 and 10 July, both in person and online, with the opening in Lisbon and the closing in São Miguel, in the Azores, organised by Expanding World and the Explorers Club of New York. 

    The main themes of the conference will be space and ocean exploration and polar exploration. Other themes will also be addressed, including the conservation of natural sanctuaries such as the Azores, Gorongoza and the Amazon, the planet’s environmental sustainability, climate change and phenomena such as tsunamis and giant waves.

     In parallel, there will be the world premiere of the new European Space Agency exhibition “Mars Beyond” that will bring to Lisbon the technology of space exploration, namely some equipment and vehicles that will contribute to a better knowledge of Mars.

    This year’s edition of GLEX Summit counts with the participation of scientists and explorers such as Nina Lanza, NASA’s team leader who is at the command of the Perseverance Rover on its journey to Mars, astronaut Richard Garriott, who is the new president of the Explorers Club of New York, and Alan Stern, NASA’s astrophysicist and aerospace engineer.

     In a partnership between Ciência Viva Centres and Turismo de Portugal, the Road to GLEX will travel across the country from north to south in May and June. It is a programme for the school community and open to future young explorers that is designed to encourage a spirit of discovery and scientific knowledge. 

    Start Date:06 July 2021

    End Date:10 July 2021


    Lisboa e São Miguel (Açores)

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