Azorean festival brings together literature, music, theater and dance for a month

    From June 1st to June 27th, the Azores Fringe Festival is back, with live and online events spread across the nine islands of the archipelago. The festival’s programming includes literature, dance, music, cinema, painting or theater.

    The ninth edition of the Azores Fringe Festival kicks off on Tuesday with live and online events, with “more than 200 participants from the nine islands of the Azores”, in a program that includes “artistic culture from and for all generations”. This year, the initiative organized by the MiratecArts association, takes place between the 1st and 27th of June and will have the island of Pico as the “epicenter of the festival”, welcoming “artists from other islands and also a French sailboat”. “It won’t be like before the pandemic” of covid-19, but I’m happy that we won’t have another year just online, as it was last year”, says Terry Costa, coordinator of the festival, in a statement.

    The program for this year has the motto “Better to do for small groups, than not to do”. In addition to the two public events to take place on June 1st and 10th at MiratecArts Galeria Costa, events are scheduled on Wednesdays, at the Madalena do Pico Auditorium, with scheduled seats, and on Tuesday evenings, at the Whaling Museum , with live theater, music, cinema and painting performances.

    A Ilha do Pico seráPico Island will be the epicenter of the festival. (Photo: Adelino Meireles/GI)

    The first week of the festival hosts a mini-edition of the Encontro Pedras Negras, in Pico, dedicated to writing. The program also includes the first Azores Oceano Arte Meeting, which aims to encourage “more art inspired by the sea that surrounds us”, while the traditional photographic expedition “this year is limited to those on the mountain island”, Pico Island. The Azores Fringe Festival also includes installations and art exhibitions.

    The MiratecArts association adds that “several entities around the islands present short film sessions”, the Shorts@Fringe, including the EcoMuseu do Corvo, the smallest island in the Azores. On the island of Flores, “the live program is being planned for the 10th of June holiday” and in São Jorge the festival takes place “a little throughout the month” of June by the Atelier de Kaasfabriek team, says the same note . From the island of São Miguel, and organized by Associação de Violas da Terra, the first Viola Festival will take place online, while the Tomás de Borba School, in Angra do Heroísmo, offers online notes from its talented students.

    The complete schedule of the ninth edition of the Azores Fringe Festival can be found at The festival can be followed online on the social networks of the MiratecArts association and Azores Fringe.

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