Temporary exhibition: “ALMADA NEGREIROS AND THE PANELS OF SÃO VICENTE” at the National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon

    Over the decades, the artist Almada Negreiros developed a proposal for the aggregation of multiple MNAA paintings, imagining them in a single altarpiece, which included the “Panels of São Vicente”, by Nuno Gonçalves. Based on geometric assumptions, he defined the layout of the works, suggesting that his original destination would be the Founder’s Chapel, in Batalha Monastery. This investigation resulted in a unique production, blurring the boundaries between research and artistic creation.

    Come and discover the artist’s proposal in the temporary exhibition: «ALMADA NEGREIROS AND THE PANELS OF SÃO VICENTE. An altarpiece designed for the Monastery of Batalha »-, extended until June 25th.

    Almada Negreiros, “Wire study of São Vicente panels” (title attributed), c. 1950, Graphite, ballpoint and watercolors on plywood with photographic reproductions, cotton wire and threads, Private collection, ? © DGPC / LJF, Luís Piorro

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