Exhibition “Círculo Infinito” at the House of Culture of Setúbal: phases of life represented in bodies and emotions

    The Casa da Cultura, in Setúbal, receives until May 28 the exhibition “Círculo Infinito”, a creation by Rui Patraquim and Rita Vilhena. The exhibition brings together a set of images of the two artists, inspired by the paintings by István Sándorfi, representative of the body, emotions and feelings inherent to the concept of the infinite.

    A circle that becomes infinite like life and generations, that seeks transformation, death and a new beginning. This project begins by exploring death and all associated disorders, including euphoria. Followed by the beauty moment of (re) birth and (re) transformation.

    “István Sándorfi’s emotionally charged paintings inspired me to want to represent this charge in the form of photography, where feelings are extreme and dramatic”, confesses Rui Patraquim. “During the capture of the images, the poem by Vinicius de Moraes“ the verb in the infinite ”ended up in my mind, which ended up setting the tone for the 3 phases.”

    For the artist Rita Vilhena, the works of István Sándorfi served as inspiration “in the idea of ​​a body that is moved, loaded and unloaded. A porous body, open to the intensities of life that pass through it.” For her images, she gathered a series of objects that helped to create a state of constant travel for three moments. What unites them is the constant search for new physical-emotional intensities, their expression and observation during the event itself.

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