Cars from the Museu do Caramulo take to the streets to stroll visitors

    The Museu do Caramulo will allow visitors to see, hear and even drive in some of the cars in its collection, some over a hundred years old and other modern sports, on the 15th.

    “With people fed up with confinement, we decided to go ahead with ‘The museum on the street’, twice a year, now and in October,” Salvador Patrício Gouveia, president of Museu do Caramulo, told Lusa.

    Cars of different profiles and times will be circulated and, “whoever wants to ride them, just have to buy a‘ voucher ””. Another option is “just watch them go around and take pictures”, he added.

    Whoever purchases the voucher – the value of which will revert in its entirety to the maintenance and conservation of the collection – may, in addition to taking the tour by car, visit the museum.

    Salvador Patrício Gouveia said that this idea came up last year: “As we did not have Caramulo Motorfestival (due to the covid-19) we decided to remove the cars and, suddenly, a lot of people appeared who wanted to walk.”

    According to the official, as “all cars have to run at least once a year”, it is not strange for someone to visit the museum and be surprised to find one of the cars on the street.

    “At such times, we invite the person to ride in the car. It costs nothing, has no wear and is an unforgettable experience ”, he considered.

    Now, this experience of seeing “a piece of art at work” and trying it out may have a date, he added.

    Located in the municipality of Tondela, the Museu do Caramulo has in its estate an art collection, another one for cars, motorcycles and bicycles and a third for old toys.

    The museum regularly promotes thematic and temporary exhibitions and organizes several events, such as the Motorclássico Hall, the Caramulo Motorfestival and the Rider – Classic Motorcycle Tour.

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