Coimbra Region has 700 km of trails to go

    In the past Saturday the intermunicipal community of the Region of Coimbra (CIM / RC) launched a walking route guide for four Major Routes and 85 Small Routes and Interpretative Routes, distributed across 19 municipalities, in a total of 700 kilometers of trails.

    It is the largest network of infrastructured routes in the country in recent years, ”said Lusa Jorge Brito, executive secretary of CIM / RC, noting that the guide released today allows“ either families with young children or more active people looking for routes longer, have the full range of supply available ”.

    The guide opens with the four Great Routes available, which can be completed on foot or by bicycle: that of the Mondego River, “the largest Portuguese river”, 142 km of linear route between the municipalities of Oliveira do Hospital and Figueira da Foz, passing through Tábua, Penacova, Coimbra and Montemor-o-Velho.

    It starts in the Serra da Estrela and ends at the Figueira da Foz estuary, it is a wonderful experience, with an invitation to enjoy, but also to gastronomy and accommodation in the territory ”, pointed out Jorge Brito.

    Another Great Route is the Alva, 77 km along the river that rises in the Serra da Estrela and flows into the Mondego, passing through locations such as Coja, Ponte das Três Entradas, Vila Cova do Alva, – considered the ‘Sintra das Beiras’ – or Grandfather, among others.

    The two remaining Great Routes are Bussaco – a 56 km star route between Mortágua, Mealhada and Penacova – and the Natural Path of Spirituality, about 67 km from Coimbra to Santa Comba Dão (Viseu), having, according to CIM / RC, the Portuguese Way of the Interior (from the Pilgrimage Routes to Santiago de Compostela) “as a base and link”.

    As for the 85 Small Routes, Arganil has five (including the interpretive route of Mata da Margaraça), Cantanhede, Figueira da Foz, Tábua and Vila Nova de Poiares three each, there are two small routes to take either in Condeixa-a-Nova or in Soure and Penela, Coimbra has four (including an interpretive route at Paul de Arzila), while Mealhada bets on the Notable Trees Trail, over 6.7 km in the interior of the Mata Nacional do Bussaco, and Montemor-o -Old invests in the monumental route of the birds.

    In Penacova, there are four pedestrian trails (to which the interpretative route of Livraria do Mondego is added), in Miranda do Corvo another five, including a parallel to the rivers Alheda and Dueça, in Mira six, from the dunes, passing through the lagoon to the pine forest, and, in Lousã, seven (another interpretive route in Vale do Ceira).

    The inland municipalities of Oliveira do Hospital (seven routes) and Pampilhosa da Serra and Góis (nine each) represent, in total, almost a third of the walking paths available in the guide released by the Region of Coimbra.

    Finally, in Mortágua, a municipality that today received the 19 mayors or their representatives for the presentation of the CIM / RC pedestrian routes, two trails are proposed, one of which, according to Jorge Brito, took place today the “affectionately nicknamed” walk of the Presidents.

    This is a magnificent place, like the levada da Madeira, it is a very well hidden secret ”, he maintained, alluding to the trail called Quedas de Água das Paredes, 7.1 km round trip along the Moinhos stream to the village of Paredes.

    In addition to the guide, the CIM / RC today presented a set of “structured” routes that will take place in each of the 19 municipalities.

    There are 19 walks over more than a year, thus also breaking seasonality, linked to various approaches. We will have everything from night hikes linked to the ‘dark sky’ in Penela or Pampilhosa da Serra, to natural values, such as the Salinas route, in Figueira da Foz, to the stone issue in Cantanhede, that is, very much based on local issues ”, Stressed Jorge Brito.

    The schedule for these hikes will soon be available on the websites of the 19 municipalities and the Region of Coimbra, with initiatives limited to about 30 people each.

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