City of Guimarães

    Guimarães, the birthplace of Portugal, whose history is closely linked to national history and identity. Distinguished by its unique heritage and exemplarily recovered, the Historic Center was recognized by UNESCO, in 2001, as a World Heritage Site.

    The appreciation of culture and sporting events fostered the creation of a network of cultural and sports facilities, which placed Guimarães in a prominent place in the area of ​​arts and shows, at national and international level, culminating in 2012, as European Capital of Culture in 2012 and 2013, as a European City of Sport and good environmental practices led the city to join, in 2018, the list of candidates for the European Green Capital 2020 award.

    All these attributes and contributions make Guimarães an attractive city to live in and, therefore, attractive to visit.

    With a focus on Cultural Tourism, the welcome and pride of the “people of Guimarães”, as our greatest potential, we currently have the challenge of diversifying the tourism offer, fostering environmentally sustainable Tourism, allowing the preservation and enjoyment of natural wealth and rurality in all its potential, through the development of tourism products in terms of Nature Tourism, Active Tourism, as well as Gastronomy and Wines.

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