Nazaré Village

    Considered by many as the most typical beach in Portugal, it enchants the visitor for its natural beauty.

    The mild climate, the friendly and hospitable people, a magnificent light, the traditions and fishing gear have made Nazaré a muse for painters and artists, celebrated around the world.

    The beautiful Nazarene cove is protected and sheltered by its majestic promontory, at the top of which is the Sítio da Nazaré. An integral part of the village, the Sítio must arrive at the ex-libris of the land, the Ascensor, which provides a memorable view of the horizons of the beach. At the top of Sítio, Miradouro do Suberco, the view is lost in one of the most beautiful maritime panoramas in the country. Here, legend and religiosity are found in the cult of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré.

    Pederneira, the primitive nucleus of the fishing community, is the peaceful guardian of the memories of other eras. Once the sea port of Coutos de Alcobaça and an active shipyard, today it contemplates the development of the beach that extends to your feet.
    The Fishing and Recreation Port, south of the beach, summarizes the history of the village, where past and present come together to improve the future of the Nazarenes.

    Walking through the narrow streets, perpendicular to the sea, where life goes by the rhythm of winds and tides, is to discover the essence of these people. Expansive and happy, they hide sadness in an open smile, talk to sing and enchant by their way of being and dressing.

    Surrounded by smells of salt and sea air, Nazaré invites its visitors to taste some beautiful roasted sardines or a succulent stew, among other typical seaside delicacies.

    Vibrant, sporty, lively, for holidays, leisure or outings, Nazaré has all the charms to make you return.
    Get on the waves on our beach …

    Nazaré: Land of an unequivocal patrimonial wealth (material and immaterial), owner of a coastline intensely sought by tourism throughout the year, which keeps in mind a past marked by pain, death and mourning, has always known how to transcend itself and take care roots. Of great value, possessing a masterful landscape, Nazaré keeps, among its greatest values, the expression of its people, of captivating generosity, with the art of welcoming and intense feelings, which inspire gestures and traditions.
    Come visit us!
    Nazaré awaits your visit.

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