Ana and Pedro Walgode win the first gold medal for Portugal at WSG 2022

    The brothers Ana and Pedro Walgode won, the gold medal in the Dance Pairs specialty, at the World Skate Games 2022, in Buenos Aires.

    The pair, who had reached the first position in the Style Dance competition, regained the top spot with the Freedance competition, winning the title of World Champion for Portugal.

    At the end of the race, Ana Walgode revealed a feeling of extreme happiness and explained that this title is the culmination of a season that was «really everything we dreamed of». «We deserved a lot and this season we managed to be Champions of the World Games, Champions of Europe, National Champions and World Champions». The athlete revealed that “two weeks ago I had a foot injury and I thought I wouldn’t even be able to compete and I did. I know I am strong and my brother has always been by my side. It’s fantastic to get this title and make Portugal proud”, she concluded.

    For Pedro Walgode, this achievement means «the recognition of all the work invested: it’s been so many years – we started in 2004 and the pair are eight years old. At the beginning we started and we didn’t even know if the project was going to work. Reaching the world title, at a time like this, with five gold medals, was the icing on the cake, we couldn’t be happier”, he said.

    Well Done Ana and Pedro!

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