Portugal is the European Champion in Futsal

    This Sunday, February 6, 2022, Portugal revalidated for the second time the victory of the European futsal championship, thus becoming two-time futsal champion in Europe.

    Playing in the final against Russia in the European championship, Portugal won by 4-2, giving the turnaround in the game, even been losing by 2-0, and with Russia dominating
    Russia opened the scoring midway through the first half for Russo Sokolov, and a short time later another goal for Russia scored by Andrei Afanasyev.
    Zicky and André Sousa, responded twice to the Russian team, but they just didn’t score because the goalkeeper, Putilov, defended his goal well.
    Portugal, even losing, showed all its courage and desire, and managed to do it by turning the score around through the goal of Tomás Paçó, 2-1, in a dead ball just before the first break.

    In the second half, André Coelho tied the game with a goal that made it 2-2, in a dispute with the goalkeeper of the opposing team and gave new impetus to the national team.
    André Sousa in the Portuguese goal, also had a fundamental role in the team by defending the balls of the Russian team that did not give him rest, giving more tranquility and confidence to Portugal.

    With 8 minutes left, Portugal finally took the lead in the result, making it 3-2 through André Coelho.
    The game was hot, and the Russians still made a frontal shot, but the ball went over and in another shot the ball even hit the iron of André Sousa’s goal who made a huge defense 15 seconds from the end.

    In a last attack by Russia, Panny still had time to “steal” the ball from the Russians and score the 4-2, thus securing the majestic victory over Russia and giving Portugal the party again in the European.

    Portugal was thus crowned Bi European Champion, which joins the status of World Champion that it won in 2021, in Lithuania

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