The Blue Dragon River, Municipality of Castro Marim, in Algarve

    If seen from above, some say, has the shape of a Blue Dragon.

    Located in the municipality of Castro Marim, in the Algarve, the Odeleite Dam was built on the Odeleite river, which rises in the Serra do Caldeirão and is a tributary of the River Guadiana.

    The Shape of a Dragon its impressive and was taken by Steve Richards a professional Photographer, during is trip from Cardiff, Wales to Faro and said that the blue color is from the water mirror in the sky as well as the white streaks that are certainly the clouds.

    Blue Dragon River – River Odeleite – Castro Marim – Algarve

    In Chinese mythology, the dragon is the symbol of yang, and it symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledged.

    It is undoubtedly fascinating to see how the archetypes of the world are represented on Earth, and so well represented in the River Odeleite in Castro Marim, Algarve

    To see the river in all is glory as well as value the unique photo of a Dragon you require to climb up to the top of a Hill or see it in a plane and enjoy the view which motivated the photographer that capture this impressive picture.

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