Luis Simões wins European Space Agency Award

    Researcher and Co-founder of ML Analytics, (Portuguese machine learning, data and artificial intelligence (AI) consultant), Luis Simões, won the Ariel Machine Learning Data Challenge Contest, which aims to develop “high precision AI techniques for the characterization of planets in orbit of other stars, such as those that will be studied by the mission that the European Space Agency – ESA will launch in 2029 in the Ariel Mission”, said the consultant in a statement.

    The award won by Luis Simões, recognized the algorithm as the best for the Ariel Mission Objectives and which “estimates the dimensions of planets when they transit in front of their stars” and, despite the small “average error of 0.00007”, being considerably lower than the other teams.

    “It is a pride for me and for ML Analytics, the company I founded, to bring this award to Portugal. It is the culmination of many years of research to accompany and contribute to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence” I hope this small step to through the Ariel mission, science will lead to a great expansion of human knowledge about the Universe” said Luis Simões

    ESA’s Ariel mission will study the atmosphere and chemistry of a thousand exoplanets. “At this distance, one of the main issues that arises is the distinction between planet, star and instrument”, explains the consultant ML Analytics in a statement.

    See the Welcome Video of Ariel where explains what are they doing.

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