Music and the World – Atlantic Sound Encounters

    On August 21, the cycle A Música e o Mundo – Encontros Sonoros Atlânticos, which, until September 18, will present six concerts in Mainland Portugal and the Azores, with three works in absolute premiere.

    With programming by the composer Vasco Mendonça and promoted by Francisco de Lacerda – Music and the World, Associação Cultural, the cycle begins in Lisbon and runs through the islands of São Jorge, Terceira and São Miguel.

    The cycle A Música e o Mundo – Encontros Sonoros Atlânticos is a series of recitals in which the work of the Azorean composer, musicologist and conductor Francisco de Lacerda (1869 – 1934) is the stimulus for the creation of new musical pieces, closely related with the places where they perform.

    The journey across the Atlantic mapped by the cycle A Música e o Mundo – Encontros Sonoros Atlânticos begins on August 21, at Castelo de São Jorge, in Lisbon, with the group Drumming GP and countertenor Rodrigo Ferreira. The program features works by Philip Glass and two world premieres by composers Vasco Mendonça and Ângela da Ponte.

    On September 7, at Fajã da Fragueira, on the island of São Jorge, musician João Barradas presents works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Astor Piazzolla and Keith Jarrett.
    In the place where Francisco de Lacerda’s house was located, it will still be possible to listen to the transcription for accordion of Canção Triste, written by João Barradas. This is the first worldwide audition of this transcription of Canção Triste, an original by Francisco de Lacerda, born in São Jorge and with a remarkable international career.

    On September 10, the third concert of the A Música e o Mundo – Encontros Sonoros Atlânticos cycle takes place at the Ermida de S. António da Grota, in Monte Brasil Park, on Terceira Island, where pianist Joana Gama performs works by Hans outdoors Otte Otte,
    The following day, September 11, and also on Terceira Island, organist Gustaaf van Manen presents works by Francisco Lacerda and the Dutch composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, at Nossa Senhora da Guia Church, in Angra do Heroísmo.

    The island of São Miguel and the Contemporary Arts Center Archipelago, in Ribeira Grande, host the September 15 concert, in which soprano Inês Simões and pianist Daniel Godinho tour works by Richard Wagner, Francisco de Lacerda and António Chagas Rosa.

    The cycle A Música e o Mundo – Encontros Sonoros Atlânticos ends in São Miguel, on September 18, in Ponta Delgada. Here, at the Igreja do Colégio dos Jesuítas – Carlos Machado Museum, soprano Sandra Medeiros and pianist Francisco Sassetti present works by Francisco de Lacerda, Freitas Branco and Vianna da Motta.

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