Lagos Cultural Center hosts three exhibitions

    All exhibitions at the Centro Cultural de Lagos are free of charge.

    Three exhibitions are taking place since Saturday, August 7th, at Centro Cultural de Lagos.

    “Cada Conta, conta”, by Ana Canto, “Cápsula do Tempo”, by the Portuguese Serigraphy Centre”, and “2020 – Seeing is believing”, by Paulo Figueiras, are the shows that promise to «fascinate the public», says the Lagos City Council.

    «With extensive experience in the field of ceramics, the artist Ana Canto presents in “Each account, count” a creative union between stories and this form of art. Taking an object as simple as the “bead”, through its creativity it grants it a new dimension and transcendence, presenting works that cross themes such as culture, mythology, religion, nature and the four elements», adds the municipality

    The CPS – Centro Português de Serigrafia will also be present in this new cycle through the exhibition “Cápsula do Tempo: Editions of the Centro Português de Serigrafia”, featuring around 90 works by 78 artists of sixteen nationalities, carried out at CPS throughout its thirty and five years of activity.

    Among the range of exhibited artists, there are names such as Júlio Pomar, Noronha da Costa, José de Guimarães, Siza Vieira, Cruzeiro Seixas, Cargaleiro, Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils), Miguel Januário (aka maismenos), Cristina Ataíde, Leonel Moura and Sofia Areal.

    Inaugurating a new exhibition space at the Centro Cultural de Lagos, next to the patio, Paulo Figueiras presents his vision of the troubled year of 2020, through works inspired by the surrealist artistic movement, pieces full of color, soul and a strong influence of Dreams.

    The exhibitions “Each account, count” (Room 1) and “Time Capsule: Editions of the Portuguese Serigraphy Center” (Room 2 and 3) will be open until 9 October. The exhibition “2020 – Seeing is believing” is already available for visit until September 11th. All exhibitions at the Lagos Cultural Center are free of charge and can be enjoyed from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, all hygiene and safety standards are guaranteed on site (cultural equipment with Safe & Clean seal) .

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