Lamego and Vale do Varosa Photography Cycle

    “Em Casa” collective exhibition of mobile photography

    In the cloisters of the Santa Maria de Salzedas Monastery, on the 24th at 2:30 pm, the exhibition that integrates the 2nd edition of the Lamego and Vale do Varosa Photography Cycle, whose theme is “The house”, was inaugurated. The exhibition consists of 50 photographs selected from thousands of images by an international jury in the 11th edition of the MIRA MOBILE PRIZE competition.
    The Regional Director of Culture of the North, Laura Castro, the Director of the Museum of Lamego Alexandra Falcão, the Vice-President of the Tarouca José Damião and the curators of the cycle Manuela Matos Monteiro and João Lafuente of MIRA FORUM were present.

    The house has always been a fundamental space in our lives, but the pandemic has made it the center of our existence. It is no longer the place you return to after work and classes to become the place in which you are always, having been transformed into the office, school, gym…The answer to the theme “At home” in the 11th edition of the MIRA Mobile Prize international competition revealed to us how this space is being seen on five continents. The 50 photographs in the shortlist that are now on display give us a plural image of how their authors see the house: an escape, a sanctuary, a prison, a source of discovery and of frustration as well.We received thousands of photographs and found that the windows are clearly the prevailing image: these openings, these houses’ eyes, represent the longing that we all feel for a light and free life in open space. These photos are part of an exhibition integrated in the Lamego and Vale do Varosa Photography Cycle in the magnificent cloisters of the Santa Maria de Salzedas Monastery in Lamego, from the 24th of July to the 30th of October.

    Curators: Manuela Matos Monteiro e João Lafuente

    Organization: MIRA FORUM e Museu de Lamego

    Gianluca Ricoveri – winner of the 11th edition of the MIRA Mobile Prize
    Mónica Brandão – highest ranked Portuguese competitor

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