Exhibition – João Amoêdo Pinto “O Tempo que vivemos”

    9 August to 29 September 2021

    CNAP – National Plastic Arts Club

    Rua Professor Francisco Gentil 8 D/E

    Lumiar, Lisbon

    Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 7 pm

    The time of pandemic in which we live and its impact on the way we started to live in society changed the way in which João Amoêdo Pinto seeks a deep spiritual knowledge. He dismantled social canons and broke absolute certainties.

    Each of his work has a name. By giving it identity, this is an author’s concern, who, most of the time, finds the name during the creative process, as the stain reveals itself determined by the state of mind with which he approaches the work surface.

    The work present in this exhibition was developed this year and reflects a deep reflection on the influence that current times have on the author’s perception of society.

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