“Seeing With Eyes to Stay”. Amarante embraces an exhibition that stays and gives wings to the International Photography Festival

    Until August 17, the f/est Amarante – International Photography Festival is held. “Seeing with eyes to stay” is the name of the zero edition of this exhibition that invites us to look at Amarante through the lenses of photographers from Porto Paulo Pimenta and Leonel Castro, and Amarantinos Antero de Alda and João Silva.

    Scattered around the county, in unusual places, 24 unpublished photographs challenge you to stop and observe: “Seeing with eyes to stay”. From Vila Meã to the center of Amarante, at Ecopista, in the forest park, at the fair field or at Quelha das Guerridas – places identified in the Amarante Tourism app –, the images that portray the people and life of Amarante are presented in various formats with the goal of surprising those who are going to pass.

    Independent narratives about the past, with a posthumous tribute to Professor Antero de Alda; the present, through the work of photojournalists from Público and Jornal de Notícias, Paulo Pimenta and Leonel Castro, respectively; and the future, from the vision of the Portuguese Institute of Photography student, João Silva.

    “Amarante will show up in improbabilities. In places where we weren’t supposed to be, we are. The challenge is to go looking. Perhaps the surprise is an encounter or re-encounter with the material and immaterial heritage that exists and persists”, explains the curator of f/est Amarante – International Photography Festival, Lino Silva, who is already preparing the 2022 edition with an international competition which will encompass different categories, lectures and workshops.

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