Immersive Shows – Impressive Monet & Brilliant Klimt – Algarve, Vilamoura

    From today, July, 22 to September, 30, will take place the Immersive shows in the Centro de Congressos of Algarve, Vilamoura

    Impressive Monet

    Impressive Monet is a reinterpretation of the paintings from the founding father of Impressionism, showing the journey beyond the frame through the artist’s endless search for capturing light.
    The audience will be immersed in the artist’s impressionism movement and will feel entailed by the lines and colors that are part of Monet’s world.

    Brilliant Klimt

    Brilliant Klimt’s show traces the biographical path and the artistic legacy of the Austrian artist through his iconic painting – The Kiss.
    This will be the main thread of the journey while exploring the influences of Klimt’s world.
    The audience will be immersed in Klimpt’s intimacy and will feel embraced by the artist’s romantic art.


    To watch this unique experience you can schedule and get the tickets here

    Its a wonderfull session to watch

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