Guide “Coimbra Region Free”

    The “Região de Coimbra Grátis” Free Coimbra Region Guide reflects the diversity and wealth of heritage of the 19 municipalities of the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Coimbra, offering free access to tourist and cultural resources from an entire region that extends from the Atlantic coast to the interior of the mountains. From the grandeur of the natural resources to the monumentality of the UNESCO World Heritage, traveling through the Coimbra Region is to travel through history, from Roman times to contemporaneity. Monuments, archeology, cultural spaces, castles and walls, museums and places of worship, viewpoints with incredible landscapes, refreshing river beaches and resplendent gardens, interpretive spaces that are authentic journeys through time… the natural and cultural heritage of this Region is vast and wants to meet you.

    Accept the invitation and make this Tour a guide to discover amazing places to visit for free. In addition to the history of each resource, this Tour also leads to the discovery of the stories that make each visit an even more special experience.

    Casal da Lapa Viewpoint


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