The exhibition “Clamor da Maré Cheia” by Cristina Rodrigues will be present in the garden of the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, in Lisbon

    The exhibition “Clamor da Maré Cheia”, by Cristina Rodrigues, was start at July 14, in the garden of the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, in Lisbon.

    The polynuclear exhibition “Clamor da Maré Cheia” comprises four original contemporary art installations, by the Portuguese author Cristina Rodrigues. The installations will be on display simultaneously in four spaces (Customs Wharf of Vila do Conde, Museum Garden National Archeology, Monastery of Santo André de Ancede and Cultural Forum of Ermesinde), establishing a direct relationship with the place where it is exhibited.

    In the Garden of the National Archeology Museum – Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, there will be two site-specific installations consisting of 24 sculptures of iron boats and fishing nets. These composite installations represent Man as an explorer who created an object capable of crossing the sea into the unknown.

    To be seen between 15th July and 31st October.

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