Nights of São Tiago enliven Covilhã

    As it is impossible to carry out the São Tiago Fair in the traditional way, due to the pandemic crisis that we are still facing, the Covilhã Municipality will hold the event “São Tiago Nights”, from 20 to 25 July.

    “Concerts of various musical genres, mostly performed by local artists and associations, and theater shows for the whole family promise a lot of entertainment in the city of Covilhã. The Public Garden and the Jardim das Artes will be the places where the shows will take place, with free admission and limited capacity by order of arrival, and following all the instructions of the DGS”, said the municipality in a note.

    The Municipality intends in this “symbolic way to mark the São Tiago Fair, which, just like last year and taking into account the protection of public health, it has not yet been possible to carry out this year, with a set of moments that refer to the good memories that Covilhans of all ages guard the event”.

    “Noites São Tiago” kicks off on July 20th with a concert by Fernando Daniel, held as part of the opening ceremony of the final phases of the Covilhã/Fundão 2021 National University Championships. The program ends with a golden key on July 25th, São Tiago Day, with the long-awaited show by Os Quatro e Meia. To watch these two shows, it is mandatory to reserve free tickets here.



    Covilhã Sports Complex Stadium

    8:30 pm – Fernando Daniel

    Concert integrated in the Opening Ceremony of the Final Phases of the National University Championships Covilhã/Fundão 2021


    Public garden

    19:00 – Dogma (concert)

    8:30 pm – Filipa Bidarra

    9.30 pm – Anonymous (concert)

    Garden of the Arts

    19:00 – “Smile” – Teatro Só (theatre)

    8:30 pm – Adufeiras at the Casa do Povo do Paul (concert)

    9.30 pm – Rosa Negra Band (concert)


    Public garden

    19:00 – Armando Almeida (concert)

    8:30 pm – Wind Quintet by the Covilhã Band and Surprise Guests (concert)

    9.30 pm – H2O (concert)

    Garden of the Arts

    19:00 – Qubim – Troupe Fandanga (theatre)

    8:30 pm – String Group of the Covilhã Music Conservatory (concert)

    9.30 pm – King Size (concert)

    JULY 23 (FRIDAY)

    Public garden

    19:00 – Paulo Conceição (concert)

    20:30 – Concertina Group of the City of Covilhã (concert)

    9.30 pm – The Guy (concert)

    Garden of the Arts

    19:00 – Hugo Alvarinhas (concert)

    20:30 – Show “Rimances and Stories of a Village” by Rancho Folclorico da Boidobra

    9.30 pm – Pros and Cons (concert)


    Public garden

    19:00 – DJ Dry (dj set)

    20:30 – Singing Group “A Lã e a Neve”

    9.30 pm – Jerónimo & Cro-Magnon (concert)

    Garden of the Arts

    19:00 – Mr. Viziny (dj set)

    8:30 pm – Grande Roda do Teixoso Singing Group

    9.30 pm – Lika (concert)

    JULY 25 (SUNDAY)

    Covilhã Sports Complex

    9.30 pm – Half past four

    Concert integrated in the cultural network initiative “Este Zêzere Que Une”

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