Temporary Exhibition THE SOUND OF PAINTING, Alpiarça Museum

    Temporary Exhibition THE SOUND OF PAINTING,
    Casa dos Patudos Exhibition Gallery – Alpiarça Museum.
    Opening on Saturday, July 10th, at 5 pm.

    Around the canvas by Bartolomeo Bettera (1639–1699), a reflection on the role played by musical instruments in the work of art.
    Always portrayed in relation to the performers, these objects took on imponderable solemnity and symbolic power in northern Italy in the mid-17th century; from then onwards, evolution will be rapid, already riding the baroque wave, adding a strong decorative awareness to its synesthetic and evocative values.
    The painting on display speaks to us about this, in dialogue with six historical instruments, belonging to the collection of the National Museum of Music: in front of our amazed eyes, as they were presented in front of the artist, a lute, a chitarrone, a violin and a cello, a charamela and a baroque viola, extrapolate the pictorial two-dimensionality and allow us to take a leap in time.

    In the house that belonged to music lover José Relvas – who had, however, great doubts about the intrinsic artistic value of musical instruments – this reflection gained new acuity.
    Signed and registered – «Bartolomeo Bettera / f(ecit) in Bergamo» – the only canvas by the Bergamasco master documented in Portugal, property of the Gaudium Magnum Foundation – Maria and João Cortez de Lobão.

    This initiative, part of the Entre Quintas Festival, will feature at its inauguration a baroque musical moment, with pieces by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) and Carlos Seixas (1704-1742), performed by Nuno Cardoso, cello and Lígia Vareiro, violin.

    Graça Mendes Pinto Ludovice, Director of the National Music Museum, and Nuno Prates, Conservator of Casa dos Patudos – Alpiarça Museum.

    @ Património Cultural

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