Vila de Rei hosts Street Circus ‘Sin Remite’ on 16 July

    The amphitheater of Ribeira da Vila Park, in Vila de Rei, will host, from 9.30 pm on July 16, the street circus show ‘Sin Remite’, by Jean Philippe Kikolas, in an initiative integrated in the 2021 edition of the ‘Water Paths’.

    ‘Sin Remite’ is a show that involves various techniques of circus, comedy, visual and gestural theater, inspired by the cinematographic universes of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. In the center, an eccentric and awkward character brings us closer to the peculiar daily life of a postman. The show is the first production by a company founded by Quique Méndez and has already had a long career in several European festivals.

    The next day, at 9.30 pm, Daniel Gonçalves will present the play ‘Heaven’, in a show for all audiences, which tells the adventures of a clown with moments of balance, manipulation of objects and lots of humor. On Sunday, July 18, at 7 pm, the Teatro-Só Group presents the street theater play ‘Sorriso’.

    All shows will take place at Ribeira da Vila Park, free of charge, and will respect all the standards required by the General Directorate of Health.

    ‘Caminhos’ is a cultural network program that takes place in thirteen municipalities in the Middle Tagus: Abrantes, Alcanena, Constância, Entroncamento, Ferreira do Zêzere, Mação, Ourém, Sardoal, Sertã, Tomar, Torres Novas, Vila de Rei and Vila Nova da Barquinha.

    The entire programming is free, with proposals for all generations and profiles, and includes the areas of music, theater, dance, street theater, contemporary circus and artistic paths, bringing to the region an unprecedented cultural dynamic.

    @ CM Vila de Rei

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