Porto Legends, Alfândega do Porto, Porto

    Porto Legends — the Underground Experience is an immersive virtual show that brings you deep into the hidden secrets and legends of the Undefeated City.  

    From the magical architecture of the Porto Customs House — Furnas da Alfândega and the work by the renown historian Joel Cleto, OCUBO Studio created a show full of mystery, suspended between reality and imagination.

    These legends will be told by the voice of “Best Actor” Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons  as well as portuguese singer Pedro Abrunhosa.

    All mysteries  are an integral part of the soul of the city and will be narrated by voices, graphic animation and music, so the walls of Furnas da Alfândega will come alive to tell the public their story.

    The show is a unique and immersive audiovisual experience of national resonance which aims to become a landmark of the city, a must-see cultural icon to be enjoyed by the people of Porto and by visitors alike.

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    Duration of the Show: 45 minutes
    Doors open 15 minutes before the start of the show
    Narration available in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.


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