Coimbra City Day marks an unprecedented concert by Tiago Bettencourt with OCC and Cordis

    Coimbra City Day, celebrated on July 4th, will be marked by an unprecedented concert that will have the large auditorium of Convento São Francisco as a stage. Tiago Bettencourt, one of the most renowned national artists, will bring together in a show the Orquestra Clássica do Centro (OCC) and Cordis, two of the most emblematic musical projects in Coimbra. The event, organized by the Municipality of Coimbra, is part of the schedule of the Festas da Cidade, which will be held in strict compliance with the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health (DGS), as happened last year, when the autarchy pioneered the resumption of outdoor cultural events. The remaining schedule will be announced in the coming days.

    The Festivals of the City of Coimbra, which will take place from July 1st to 11th, were molded to the circumstances of the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic and intend to support the progressive recovery of the local economy, as well as of artists and workers in the cultural area that many have been affected by the pandemic.

    On City Day, celebrated on the 4th of July in honor of Isabel de Aragon, Rainha Santa and patroness of Coimbra, an unprecedented concert will be held in the large auditorium of Convento São Francisco. Tiago Bettencourt will work with OCC and Cordis, two of the most emblematic musical projects in the city.

    Although free, access to the Festas da Cidade concerts implies the prior collection of tickets through Ticketline (or the ticket office of Convento São Francisco) in order to comply with the possible capacity imposed by the legislation in force for the venue of the shows, which will be properly delimited, the places previously identified by chairs and respective markings, observing the due distance between the spectators.

    Tiago Bettencourt, author of several reference compositions of new Portuguese music, it was more than ten years ago that he embarked on what would be his first studio adventure, with Toranja, forever marking the Portuguese music scene. Unforgettable themes like “Letter” and “Laços” are inseparable from his striking voice. In 2006 Toranja announced a long break and it was then that Tiago Bettencourt left for Canada and with Mantha as his support band, he recorded the album “Jardim” with production by Howard Bilerman (Producer of “Funeral” by Arcade Fire), edited in 2007 with hits such as “Canção Simples”, “O Jogo”, “O Lugar” and “O Jardim”.

    In 2010, “Em Fuga” was edited, at the end of 2011 “Tiago na Toca e os Poetas” was edited, and in November 2012 it arrived at “Acústico” stores. In 2014, Tiago presents the new album “Do Princípio”, featuring, among others, the surprising “Aquilo que eu não fiz”, “Morena” and “Maria”. 2015 and 2016 were years dedicated to the live presentation of this latest album, while 2017 was marked by the release of his new album “A Procura”. In addition to being a multi-instrumentalist, he is also a producer, having been responsible for the production of records by Miúda, Katia Guerreiro, Raquel Tavares and Cláudia Pascoal. His contribution to Portuguese music is and will always be guided by good taste, discernment and an infinite respect for his language, even though this has always limited his chances of internationalization. In December 2018 and 2019 it fills the coliseum with an amazing concert nominated for a Golden Globe.

    The OCC will be on stage with Tiago Bettencourt in this unprecedented concert. This orchestra performed for the first time, as a professional, in December 2001. It has had the solo and conducting contributions of notable figures from our musical panorama such as Cesário Costa, Rui Massena or Luís Carvalho, Marina Pacheco, Mário João Alves, Elisabete Matos, Dora Rodrigues Nelso Ebo, Dejan Ivanovic or Adriano Jordão.

    Also on stage is the group Cordis, which appeared in September 2008, with a CD and a presentation concert in Coimbra, where the tradition of Coimbra’s Portuguese Guitar music was confronted with a new approach explored by the unusual meeting of the piano with the guitar. The year 2011 was marked by several concerts, as well as a meticulous work in the musical production of the second album and, in 2013, Cordis produced the first DVD, recorded live, at Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (TAGV). In 2020, he came out with another album of originals, which he also presented in concert at TAGV, at Casa da Música, in Porto, and at Teatro Villaret, in Lisbon.

    Thus, Tiago Bettencourt with the OCC and Cordis, at Convento São Francisco, join the already announced Bamba Social Orchestra & Tiago Nacarato (July 1st), Richie Campbell (July 2nd), Linda Martini (7th) on the Festas poster. de Julho) and the band from the film Variações (July 8), all of these shows at Jardim da Sereia. However, the initiatives go far beyond concerts, with the full program being presented shortly by the municipality.

    These municipal celebrations, which take into account the strict compliance with all the DGS rules, arise with the objective of socially and economically reviving the municipality, especially in the cultural, hotel, restaurant and commerce sectors.

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