Bathing season starts this Saturday on most Portuguese beaches

    Among the established rules (and whose non-compliance is subject to fines), is the use of masks on access to the beach and in the use of facilities, restaurants or restrooms
    The bathing season officially opens today in the vast majority of Portuguese beaches, subject for the second consecutive year to rules for the prevention, containment and mitigation of the transmission of the covid-19 infection.

    According to an ordinance published in Diário da República on May 14th, the bathing season could start on May 15th and municipalities can extend it until October 15th. But most councils chose to start it today, June 12th.

    Another of the rules is the social distance between people and groups, with the awnings and thatch being three meters apart, while for the tents the distance is one and a half meters, with no more than five users being allowed per awning, thatch or tent .

    Outside the concession area, users must spread the towels at least one and a half meters apart, as long as they are not from the same group, and the parasols must be at least three meters apart.

    The provision of massage and similar services is not allowed, as well as non-individual sports activities at sea or in the area defined for bathing use.

    However, there are exceptions: two or more people can practice sports “when the occupancy status of the beach is low” and lessons from schools or surf instructors and similar sports are also allowed, as long as there are only five students per instructor and ensuring the distance of “one and a half meters between each participant, both on land and at sea”.

    Street vendors can circulate on the beach, as long as they respect the rules and guidelines for hygiene and safety and must wear a mask when in contact with users.

    Concessionaires can also be fined for lack of spaces with information about the rules or for non-compliance with the rules of the General Directorate of Health (DGS) in terms of hygiene and occupancy limits of spaces such as restrooms and restaurants.

    As a general rule, the diploma establishes for users and concessionaires the rules for combating the pandemic that are already known: respiratory etiquette, physical distance and hygiene of hands and spaces when using the beach.

    The Government established fines for those who do not comply with the rules, ranging from 50 to 100 euros, for individuals, and from 500 to 1000 euros, in the case of legal persons.

    Among the municipalities that opted to open their beaches earlier are Cascais (15th May), Almada, Oeiras and all of the Algarve (1st June) and Funchal (7th June).

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