Studio Astolfi was distinguished in the first edition of the Monocle Design Awards, in the category of Best Visual Merchandising. With the artistic direction of the architect and visual artist, Joana Astolfi, the studio was recognized for the excellent window-dressing work developed over the last few years for luxury brands, such as Hermès.

    Created by Monocle magazine and awarded, for the first time, in 2021, the Design Awards represent the celebration and worldwide recognition of the best designers and new design works, from architecture to urbanism and from graphic design to furniture production. The winning projects and authors in the 50 individual categories were selected by the editors of Monocle and the network of correspondents in the design area, considering the idea that good design can improve our quality of life – a point of view long defined by Monocle , since the English magazine believes it to be a matter of global importance.

    For the architect and artist who founded Studio Astolfi in 2009: “See the name of Studio Astolfi, especially in the inaugural edition of the Design Awards, highlighted alongside references from world design, such as David Chipperfield or Vitra, and from all others represent, above all, the recognition of the work that we have been developing in the studio for the past decade ”.

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