Figueira da Foz City

    Sun and sea with abundance. Figueira da Foz, the city at the mouth of the Mondego River, located at 40 kilometers from Coimbra, with extensive beaches of soft white sand which invite for a relaxing holiday.

    Sun and sea
    One of the eternal charms of Figueira da Foz is the “Praia da Claridade”, a vast beach that, since the end of the century. XIX, was the favorite of the aristocratic class. Its emblematic bars in striped wood and the soft white sand continue to attract tourists from all over the world. Of the several beaches that you can find along the coast of Figueirense, we challenge you to find 2 equal beaches. Prefer: with waves or smooth? With rocks and small natural pools? With fine, soft sand? Figueira da Foz offers, it is difficult to choose!

    Currently gastronomy is associated with unique moments of pleasure … Gastronomy is one of the ex-libris of Figueira da Foz, as a reflection of a collective memory, customs and traditions. Its gastronomic richness based on fish and typical desserts, such as the Brisas da Figueira da Foz or the sweet greens, are the delight of our visitors. Did your mouth water?

    Cultural and Landscape Tours
    Bring: hat, water bottle, comfortable shoes and a notepad. Are you ready?

    The vast collection of the Municipal Museum Santos Rocha, consisting of collections of archeology, African and Eastern ethnography, numismatics, painting, sculpture, ceramics and furniture; The fabulous collection of Delft Tiles from Casa do Paço (the largest in Europe); the Sotto Mayor Palace; the Fort of Santa Catarina; the Buarcos Fortress; the countless churches with their gilded carvings; the various archaeological remains, dating back to the Jurassic period, make Figueira da Foz a destination with a unique historical heritage.

    The multiple existing green spaces invite you to enjoy pleasant strolls on foot, by bicycle or by car. Noteworthy are the Serra da Boa Viagem and all its archaeological wealth, the Parque das Abadias, the riverside area and the Lagoons of Bom Sucesso.
    The walking routes complement the tourist offer of Figueira da Foz, providing pleasant ecotourism experiences: Rota das Salinas and Rota dos Arrozais.

    Water Sports
    The natural conditions of Figueira da Foz invite you to practice the most diverse water sports: from sailing to rowing, from surfing to bodyboarding, from kayaksurfing to paddlesurfing.

    The beauty of the city contains the adrenaline of the ocean waves and the tranquility of relaxing walks on the largest Portuguese river – the Mondego. What for many people can be unpleasant, can delight others, we speak of the sea breeze from Figueirense, which also allows the practice of windsurfing and kitesurfing.

    Murtinheira, Cabo Mondego – Mina, Teimoso, Tamargueira, Molhe Norte, Cabedelo, Cova Gala, Costa de Lavos and Leirosa, are some of the most famous beaches in Figueirense … further highlighting that in Figueira da Foz you can find the longest right wave in Europe.

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